Lopud is the second largest Elaphite island with the best touristic infrastructure and by far the most beautiful one (this is not only my personal opinion).


Lopud has an area surface of approx. 4,63 km² and its coastline measures 11,5 km. Along the wide bay in the northwestern part, Lopud village, the only settlement of the island, enchants its visitors. From here, you can see Šipan Island, the biggest Elaphite island. The settlement itself is spread along the seashore.

In order to get to the Šunj beach one has to follow the path across the island taking you up the hill and then down through the wooded pathway until you reach the sandy shore of the Šunj beach. The highest peak is the Polačica (approx 216-221 m, depending on the source).

Landscape and Climate

Thanks to the subtropical climate Lopud is a pretty green island and enjoys an average of 2585 sun hours per year. Lopud attracts its visitors with a lush vegetation – cypresses, pines, durmast oaks, huge laurel trees and many more mediterranean plants are characteristic for the landscape and give a special charm to Lopud.

On Loupd Island you will find many terraced olive groves and mixed fruit orchards, mostly neglected though, and 300-400 years old stone ruins. Except the northeastern part of the island which is hardly accessible, Lopud has number of hiking paths inviting you to explore the island. (Nearly) every season has its own beauty*

In March, Lopud smells appealingly of mandarines and lemons, oranges and bitter oranges. Almost no local whose garden doesn’t März duftet Lopud betörend nach Mandarinen und Zitronen, Orangen und Pomeranzen. Almost every Lopud local has got mandarines and lemon trees in his garden.

Around easter the locals pick the wild asparagus which grows nearly everywhere on the island.

In spring season, the numerous blooming broom bushes turn Lopud into a big yellow landscape and it smells of wild garlic which is also blooming now.

The clean and crystal clear Adriatic Sea attracts a growing number of tourists in summer! Why not relax on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the whole Dubrovnik region? Šunj beach at the southside of Lopud island is famous and very popular especially for families with small children as the shore is shallow. Who doesn’t like sandy beaches will surely find a lonely rocky spot under pines.

Fall season is harvest time: mandarines, oranges, lemons, olives, grapes…Interesting to know that the mandarines from Lopud are in great demand and gain better prices on the market of Dubrovnik than the mandarines form Dubrovnik – and deservedly so (if you ask me).

*Exceptions: in rainy january and february you could stroll along the seafront naked – nobody would take notice of it, you wouldn’t even come across a dog outside.